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Is this the real one now?

Oh no, unfortunately it can't be...
This is how many react when they see him for the first time.

'The good ones die away leaving us alone with the casting show brood. All you can do is curl up in a quiet little room with your old LPs and CDs and cry for the good old days with real singers and bands.'

'Joe Cocker is dead', reader comment, Focus-online,

Dec. 23, 2014 (translation from German magazine)

Joe Cocker lives!

Because there is one that is so close to the original that you inevitably ask yourself: Is this the real one? Joe Spoonwood ... 'slipped into the role of his idol Joe Cocker so perfectly and skilfully that one could believe that the singer, who died in December 2014, had been resurrected "with a little help from my friends".'

SHZ - Landeszeitung,

Dec. 27, 2016 (translation from German newspaper)

With JOE, Spoonwood has put together an eight-piece band made up of experienced musicians from the North German scene, who are entirely dedicated to the Cocker phenomenon. In a compact show, from the Woodstock primal scream to An Officer And Gentleman, the spirit of the singer with probably the greatest rock and soul voice that Great Britain has ever produced is conjured up:

pure magic memory of Joe Cocker!

Die Band
Joe Spoonwood - lead vocals
Viola - backing vocals
Timo - drums & percussion
Eiko - guitar & vocals
Katja - backing vocals
Tamás - saxophone & percussion
Charlie - bass guitar
Jens Petersen - piano, Hammond & accordion

Many thanks to Wolfgang Roeper for the fantastic shots!



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